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Updated 8 months ago by Joost Rijlaarsdam

Consumer Satisfaction will make the widget show a webview to rate the conversation. This happens when there are messages in the conversation and the widget is manually closed by the customer. The csat settings look like this:

csat: {
header: 'header text before icons', //
title: 'webview name', // optional: defaults to Rating
type: 'font awsome icon to use for rating', // optional: defaults to fa-star, see all icons
remarkheader: 'text before textinput', // if set, text input is activated}

You can active CSAT by only setting the header:

csat web1on1
  • setting header is enought to enable the rating (it will be submitted immidately on click on the dating)
  • setting remarkheader enables the remark input field and send button.
  • type can be used to use any font awesome font as rating icon
  • title can be used to change the webview title

Keep in mind that for the csat to activate both the contact and the agent should have send at least 1 message.

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