Adding your Google Place (Locations) to your knowledge base

Updated 2 weeks ago by Joost Rijlaarsdam

It is important to add your (Google) business locations to your knowledge base. This is essential knowledge for users, linking them to specific location data (like openingtimes, phonenumber, adress etc.

But it is also used for Google Business Messaging.

Adding business locations

Head over to: Configuration > Knowledge and press [+] button.

You will be given the option to add articles, locations and files. Choose locations.

Adding locations is done via a Google Places search. Web1on1 will be able to find and add any and all of your Google Places registered business locations. Please add them all tot the knowledge base.

You can add services or products at a later stage.

Once you have searched, selected and added a Google place it will be added to your location listing.

When you click the location to open the location details you will see the Google Place ID that is used for Google Business Messaging

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