5- Adding locations & Departments

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Much like you would set up a phone system … Web1on1 needs to understand the structure of your organization to be able to deliver conversations to the right person.

So go ahead and add your business locations and departments.


This is how Locations and Departments are set up in your AMP:


Synonym for the Account you created, or your Dealership.


Physical location (exists as a Google My Business Place). Used for sharing business information like opening times, phone number, address, etc with Agents. And conversation routing, lead delivery.


Used for delivering Conversations / Leads to the right team. Eg. Audi leads need to be send to Users linked to Department B

It is important to add your (Google) business locations to your Wiki section. This is essential information for users, linking them to specific location data (like opening times, phone number, address etc).

But it is also used for Google My Business Messaging (more info: Google Business Messages)

Adding business locations

Head over to: Configuration > Wiki and press [+] button.

You will be given the option to add articles, locations and files. Choose locations.

Adding locations is done via a Google Places search. Web1on1 will be able to find and add any and all of your Google Places registered business locations. Please add them all to the Wiki.

You can add services or products at a later stage.

Once you have searched, selected and added a Google place, it will be added to your location listing.

When you click the location to open the location details, you will see the Google Place ID that is used for Google Business Messaging.

(NEW) Add departments to locations

It’s possible to add several departments to your locations. For example:

Sales - Mazda

Aftersales - Audi

External Id - Connecting departments to External Systems

This feature allows your existing systems such as Dealer Management Systems (DMS), Planning Systems and Lead Management Systems (LMS) to connect with the Automotive Messaging Platform.

Add email Address on location level

When adding an email address on a location level, all leads generated for that location will be sent to that email address.

Add email Address on department level

When adding an email address for a specific department. All leads generated for that specific department will be sent to that email address. If there’s no email address, the system will use the location email address to send the lead.

Connecting your department to a Team Inbox

When connecting a department to a team inbox, the system knows to which team inbox a new chat belongs to.

Then, if a client belongs to a specific department(see screenshot below), every chat is being routed to the right team inbox.

In the video below, you will find an explanation of these features.

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