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Cross-channel conversations

Web1on1 is a multi channel messaging platform and it is made very easy for agents and contacts to switch between them. Let's have a look at the different ways this can be done.

Web to Facebook/SMS/WA

When an Agent wants to guide the Contact to a different channel, let's say WhatsApp, he/she can simple use {{wa}} in his sentence:

Which will look something like this in the Web Widget:

But a Contact will probably just click on one of the available channels in the header of the widget:

An Agent can choose a different channel (if it is available it will appear under the message entry pane) and send a message from there. For example, once the Agent knows the telephone number of the Contact and entered it in the contact details panel, the SMS channel will become available if the Twillio integration is active for this organization. He can then easily switch to this channel by clicking on it (1) and then typing his text (2) and sending the message:

Social Media to Web (CLP)

Conversation Landing Pages is a common way to interact with you Contacts. For example it can be used to invite your Contact via SMS/WhatsApp/Facebook to schedule an appointment. You want to invite your Contact to the CLP because it runs in the browser and uses the Web-Widget which is capable of generating complex interface elements like a planner/calendar etc, which is not (yet) possible on the other channels. You can find more information on how to set this up in the Developer Documentation

Identity resolution

Web widget channel icons

Switching to a different channel in the Web Widget can be done by the Contact by selecting one of the channels in the header of the widget (when they are configured for the organization).

Selecting the WhatsApp channel

Connecting to WhatsApp

when Selecting the WhatsApp Channel (1), the contact will see the WhatsApp Connect screen:

Giving him/her the option to connect by scanning a qr-code (1) from there Phone, or by clicking on the link if they want to access WhatsApp via the WhatsApp Web interface.

In the WhatsApp interface a message will be generated for you that holds the code that is needed to connect you correctly to ChatShipper:

Send this code and continue your conversation via WhatsApp.

Connecting to Facebook

Facebook will just offer the connect link:

Selecting the email channel will request your email (1):

And SMS will ask for your telephone number (1):

and will wait for you to answer YES:

on you're phone where you will receive an SMS message to confirm like this:

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