What does custom Chatbot development entail?

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How much is a chatbot? Is a question we get asked from time to time. Well that is really hard to answer. It depends on so many factors.

Let´s break down the process of bot development, this will give you an inside on every step involved to create a great conversational experience for your Customers.

1. Prerequisites

  • What is the use case, business case?
  • Chatbot personality known, agreed on?
  • Tone of voice known?
  • Web widget active?
  • ChatShipper active organisation?

2. Graphical design:

  • Bot Icon design
  • Collect conversation images

3. Copy writing / Conversation design

  • Create flowchart
  • Design escalation - Human back up
  • Conversation copy writing V1
  • Conversation evaluation
  • Conversation V2
  • Conversation review V2
  • Final version conversation

4. Development:

  • Programmatic Development of bot
  • Bot conversation into result
  • Create API key for bot in CS
  • Start event
  • Success event (= Submit)
  • Processing result into Business System

5. Testing:

  • Test on client testing page (does CTA-trigger conversation correct?)
  • Test across platforms (desktop / mobile)

6. Deployment

  • To live website
  • Test across platforms and browsers

7. Data collection

  • Collect data in BI-tool
  • Monitor bot performance
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Bot Performance Review Session --> Iterate

8. Project management

  • 10-20% of total project hours


This breakdown is intended to give you an impression of the activities involved in creating a custom chatbot. By no means we claim to be complete. The process can easily be shortened or extended depending on specific requirements of an client organisation

Cost Calculation development custom chatbot

For your convenience we have put all this in a calculation sheet. Feel free to copy and share.

Or download the xlsx.

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