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To initiate an outbound conversation with your customer via WhatsApp Business, a so-called "WA-template" can be used.

These templates are standardized messages to which a number of parameters, such as a name or an exact date, can be added. Template messages need to be approved by Facebook employees (this is to avoid spamming). Only meeting these conditions will get your Message templates approved.

The conditions

Messages with a promotional purpose are not permitted

Ads, marketing or promotional messages are not allowed by WhatsApp. This includes:

  • Offering discount coupons and / or free giveaways.
  • Upselling.
    (Example: "This is a reminder for your MOT inspection on [date]. Tip: clean your car in our car wash immediately after check up and receive a 10% discount!".
  • Sending polls or surveys.
    (Example: " Hi! We would like to know how we can further improve our product. Would you like to complete this short survey for us?")

Good to know: Facebook is quite strict in assessing whether a message is of promotional nature. Even embedding words or phrases that make it appear as if the message is promotional can lead to a rejection.

Individual parameters are not allowed

It is not possible to add stand-alone parameters to a template. A parameter must always be provided with accompanying text.

For example, in the example below the parameters 3 and 4 are not allowed:

"Hi {{1}}, this is the confirmation of the appointment on {{2}}! {{3}}, {{4}}.

The surrounding text of a parameter should make clear what the contents of a parameter will be.

Errors in the structure of the template can cause a rejection

  • WhatsApp rejects templates that contain spelling errors.
  • Provide parameters in a message and make sure that they are entered correctly: with two "{" brackets on the left and two "}" brackets on the right. (example: {{1}}).
  • The name of the message template may only consist of alphanumeric characters and possibly a hyphen (_), whereby capital letters are not allowed. All other characters (such as emojis or spaces) are not allowed.
  • A template has no more than 1024 characters. New lines, tabs or more than 4 consecutive spaces are not allowed.
  • The parameters must be entered in order and always start with {{1}}.

Content with a threatening or abusive attitude is not allowed.

Some examples of this include the following:

  • Message templates that threaten customers with a legal course of action will be rejected.
  • Message templates that threaten to add customers to a WhatsApp group with their friends and family to shame them if they don't pay back their loans will be rejected.
Want to read the official Facebook / WhatsApp documentation on this? Go here!

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