Adding Twilio SMS to Web1on1

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Easily add and manage SMS numbers to expand the reach of your brand

For brands, creating a presence on the channels used by their consumers is key to building connections and creating prospects. Our self-serve on-boarding process for the SMS means brands can quickly and easily add this channel to their operations.

Step 1: Get an SMS number from Twilio

Create your own Twilio account here, then follow the below steps to get a number:

  1. Fill in your credentials to get started with a Twilio trial account (you can also use an existing account if you have one).
  2. Click Get a Trial Number and follow the instructions on-screen.
  3. Make sure to note your Account SID and Auth Token from this page as you will need them later in the process.
  4. Configure the request URL by navigating to the following page:
  5. Add your location to the number by clicking on the blue hyperlinked phone number you have just signed up for, and add the relevant link for your location with your account number populated, as below, under the "Messaging" section in Twilio as your webhook. So, for example, if you're based in the US, you would populate the "North America accounts" link with your account number and copy paste it into Twilio.

Step 2: Connect Twilio to Web1on1

In Web1on1, on the Integrations Tab (which you can access from the left sidebar), click on the Twillio SMS Integration.

Web1on1 Twilio SMS connection

From the default integrations page click on the Twilio SMS line, and then enter the following details from your Twilio account (which you copy-pasted earlier):

  • Twillio Account SID
  • Twillio Authorization Token
  • SID for phone number
    Click Save.

Step 3: Test your integration

To test your Twilio integration, simply send an SMS to the number which you configured above and see if it shows up in Web1on1. If it does, and you are able to reply to it as an agent, the setup was successful. If not, please contact your Web1on1 Account Manager for more assistance.

Missing something? We'd be happy to hear from you. You can open an issue if you find anything that needs correcting by submitting a [Contact] request in the top-menu.

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