Adding Potential MECs and Employees to your dashboard

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Messaging Engaged Contacts

On you Company Dashboard you will see a graph displaying the total number of Messaging Engaged Contacts (MEC´s). They are all the contacts choose to reach out to you via messaging instead of calling or emailing during the last 9 months.

The graph looks something like this:

Although it is informative it does not tell you the whole story. How many people does your company engage in a given month in total? So, Across all channels?

That would show the relative importance and over time the growth of messaging versus the traditional channels

See the difference this makes?

Same trendline; different story! The growth potential of Messaging is enormous since only roughly 12,5% of all potential contacts are communicating through messaging channels.

Messaging engaged Co-workers

Same goes for the Messaging Engaged Employees. How is active on Messaging out of the potentially active co-workers?

Messaging Engaged Employees

How to read?

70 out of potentially 200 co-workers were active on your companies messaging channels last month.

Adding your numbers to the dashboard

In organisation configuration select > meta variables in right hand menu.

Adding meta variables to organisation configuration
Add 2 new meta variables and their values
  • totalcontacts
  • totalemployees
adding meta vars

And hit: Save changes.

Do you want to add seasonality?

You can by entering comma separated values (up to 12)

4000, 4500, 5000, 4250, etc

How to count Potentially Messaging Engaged Contacts (MEC´s)

This is the total of contacts that engages with your company on a monthly basis. Currently then will mostly be calling or emailing you. To track our Conversational dealership progress simply count:

  • Total of Service appointments handled per month
  • + Total of inbound leads per month

enter this number in the totalcontacts value field

How to count Messaging Engaged Employees

This is the total of employees that could potentially be active via messaging. For a dealership this is typically:

  • All Service Advisors (and their Managers)
  • + All Sales Advisors (and their Managers)
  • + Customer contact employees
  • + And optionally all Mechanics ... If you want them to share updates and pictures /video´s.

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