4- Enriching wiki articles

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Wiki articles are a knowledge base of content that will be used by your team and (most of all) Web1on1 Agents, when chatting, in order to provide quick and accurate answers to your website visitors and clients.

Access that section via Configuration > Wiki

Remark: If you find an existing series of article in your Wiki, those are template articles that we identified as the most useful for Web1on1 Agents. Simply click on the articles, update them with your own answers, and click on Save.

Creating a new article

Click on the + to add a new article.

  1. Push message to backchannel: decide the trigger you would like to give the article. Read all about it in this article.
  2. Title of the article: give your article a short but clear title where agents can easily find it with.
  3. Text formatting: add bold, italics, or underlined text. You can also use bullet points in your article or add an url to a specific word thanks to the text formatting option.
  4. Type your article: in this area you can add your article with a maximum of 1000 characters.
  5. Expiration: your article will expire in 3, 6 or 9 months, depending on your choice. You can also use 'custom' to add a specific date where the article should expire in.
  6. Add article: once you've added a push message, title and added content, you can add the article to the wiki by clicking on 'add article'.

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