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We would like to be able to use the API to fetch real-time data about how many visitors are currently browsing a client's site, and how many visitors are actively chatting at that moment. Is this data available in Web1on1 too?


We're not planning to implement a Google Analytics replacement - the "how many visitors are currently browsing a client's site" and "how many visitors are actively chatting at that moment" questions can be answered by client-side integration. Our web widget emits all kinds of chat events on the client side: https://developers.web1on1.chat/webwidget/analytics/#google-analytics-events.

// This event triggers when the user sends a message window.chatshipper.on('message:sent', function(message) { // send event to Google Analytics ga('send', 'event', 'ChatShipper', 'Agent message sent'); });

Going forward, we will

  1. Properly document what can already be done today; for GA we'll provide a widget config document / recipe on how to optimally configure GA;
  2. Determine if / how we'll support a tighter GA integration - server-side, so instead of configuring the client it could be an Admin UI integration (simple, limited) or an AnalyticsBot (more involved yet more flexible);
  3. Develop a more comprehensive vision/solution for cross-channel agent performance metrics (dashboarding)

Next week we'll work on 1), after which we have a better understanding of requirements for 2). For 3) we have a research project underway (embedding Google Datastudio reports in the Admin UI based on metadata we're streaming to Google BigQuery), but it's very early days, so no ETA on that yet.

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