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On the Account Configuration page you will find a section called Benchmark data. In this article we will demonstrate why the feature is beneficial for you.

What is Bench-marking?

Bench-marking is a process that involves measuring the performance of your business against peers in the same market. This will give you a better understanding of your business performance and potential.

This is what the benchmark section looks like.

Data definition

Sales Benchmark data section

1. Sales Advisers

Enter the total number of Sales Advisers across your entire organisation (all Locations).

2. CRM / DMS / LMS

Select or enter 1 or more of your organizations' Sales relevant systems. Purpose? Web1on1 can suggest relevant integrations or chatbots.

3. Inbound Leads

Estimate all monthly online inbound sales leads. Sources are: Website forms submitted + Car portal leads.

4. Website Visits

In Google Analytics referred to as: Audience. Please list your monthly average (Annual/12) website visits. We can then show you total chat conversations and leads you can potentially generate.

Service Benchmark data section

5. Service Advisers

Enter the total number of Service Advisers across your entire organisation (all Locations).

6. Workshop Appointment System

In what System do you manage your Workshop process?

7. Workshop Jobs

How many total Jobs do your Mechanics finish on average in a month?

How do you benefit from bench-marking?

In Analytics

We can provide you with insights like these:

1. Inbound Leads + Workshop Jobs = Potential Engaged Contacts

You will see how many Contacts you could potentially engage into messaging versus the real chat engaged contacts. Visualising adoption of the platform, or in other words > How much of your clients are chatting versus calling or emailing?

2. Service Advisers + Sales Advisers = Potential Engaged Employees

You will see how many of your Team Members could potentially be chatting versus the Monthly Active Users (MAU). Visualising adoption of the Web1on1 platform, or in other words > How many of your team members are using Web1on1?

3. Website Visits (Work in Progress)

Based on the number of website visits we can estimate the total number of chats and leads. We can do so by aggregating traffic and conversion of over 15 million visitors per month.

Your chat conversion is plotted against average, showing your under- or over-performance. Your Success Manager can review the results with you.

In Communication

For questions 2 (CRM / DMS / LMS) and 6 (Workshop Appointment System): Providing us with this data will allow your Success Manager to suggest integrations and/or chatbots that can integrate with your dealership systems.

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