Video Call Statistics

Updated 3 months ago by Joost R

As with any of the AMP connected communications channels Video Call statistics are important success metrics.

Technically Video Call is considered to be a channel, just like Live Chat, Whatsapp, SMS and FB Messenger. Hence it is reported that way.

We are continuously expanding our reporting capabilities.

Currently we are working on surfacing the following Video Call data points.

Version 1: Sharing and joining

The first version of our reporting will be to extend the Platform Usage report with data on the Video call Channel utilization. By reporting the following events.

  • Event 1: Video call link is shared by Agent
  • Event 2: Video call is joined by contact
  • Event 3: Agent joins

Version 2: Session data*

As a next step we are aiming to surface data on the video call session themselves:

Event 4: Session start

Event 5. Session end

Event 6: Session is recorded

Event 7: Screenshare initiated

Note: * The feasibility of this extension is still under investigation.

Video call session data will be shared in message stream

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