Web1on1 Automotive Platform Roadmap 2021

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You might be curious to know our plans on expanding the Automotive Messaging Platform. This is what we planned for...

Q4 2020

Bot Directory launched


Stripe implementation


WhatsApp Business template improvements


Q1 2021

Dashboarding 2.0

Rework Dashboarding to better reflect the Organisation´s Users activities. E.G how many conversations did they participate in? Number of Monthly Active Contacts.



Q2 2021

Forms and Entities 2.0

Revisit our Form and Entity Recognition capabilities. Optimising conversation data to business case flow even further.



Appointment Bot

A generic, multi use case (test drive, showroom visit, video screen-share), multilingual plug and appointment bot. To be made available to all Web1on1 customers.


In progress

Add Messaging Channels

Our geographical expansion means adding new Messaging channels important in these local markets to our existing integrations.



Conversational campaigns

With open rates of 98% (vs 20,9% form email) a conversational campaign seems to be the winning concept. With Web1on1´s conversational campaign feature you will be able to string together a series of timed messages send to your target persona.

Further down the line

  • Rework Admin interface
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Adaptive Cards

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