Web1on1 as chat back-up

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Let us explain this process by using an example (step by step):

  1. You are online in Web1on1 and you are subscribed to a  channel
  2. Web1on1 recognizes that you are online
  3. A website visitor starts a Live Chat conversation
  4. The conversation will first only be available in  your channel for 15 seconds (during this time Web1on1 is not able to handle this conversation)
  5. After 15 seconds, the conversation will also become available in a Web1on1 channel
  6. From this moment on the user who accepts the conversation first will handle the conversation (“first come, first serve”)

How is it possible that Web1on1 handled a conversation while we were online?

There could be several reasons why this could happen. Things you could check first:

  • Were you really online? This not only means you were logged in, but it also means you were subscribed to a channel.
  • Do you have sound notifications enabled? And did you test if they really work on your computer?
  • Do you have desktop notifications enabled? And did you test if they really work on your computer? See the following link how to enable notifications.
  • Could you be away for a moment (toilet, get something to drink, on the phone, etc.)?
  • Is your internet connection stable? Our messaging software checks every second if the connection is stable enough to have a Live Chat conversation.

When you checked all points above and you still think something was wrong, please contact us via care@web1on1.chat. Always include the URL of the conversation where you think it went wrong. We are able to check to which channel the conversation became available first.

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