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Web1on1 is available for mobile users. Not as a classic Android or IoS Apple App via the their App stores, but as a Progressive Web App (PWA). No need to install. Just login via your mobile browser and install the link to your homepage.

Here is a how-to video: Installing Web1on1 app.

Advantage of a PWA?

No app installation needed
How to add icon to homescreen (Android)

Just go to app.web1on1.chat on your mobile and you will be prompted to add Web1on1 to your homescreen.

How to Add to Apple homescreen (Apple Safari)


  1. Participate in assigned conversations
  2. Start conversations with known contact
  3. Start Video Chat during a conversation

Taking conversations

You will

Follow conversations

Web1on1 Mobile App contact list

Get notifications

Web1on1 will notify you of incoming conversations. To get notified of incoming conversations. Head over to: Settings > Preferences (footer menu) and Switch on: Inbox notification

Android - push notifications

On android phone you will receive push notifications

Apple - Sms Notification

ChatShipper mobile App sms notification for Apple users

Strong point of having a App is that everyone in your company can Whatsapp or Messenger with , It is from the Same number, Your are GDPR compliant. Transparency ..........

Video Chat

The Web1on1 mobile App allows you to start a Video Chat (Add-on). You can start a video chat from the + menu.

Open a contact conversation.

Use for demo

Switch between front - and back camera.

Switch between desktop and mobile ... so start a conversation on your desktop and then continue it via your mobile to Show-and-tell

What it can do

Notify you of conversations that are assigned to you

What it can not do

Use channels

Cannot take incoming Live Chat from Channels (unless they are assigned to you).

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Creating a new chat / contact

Activate your personal Whatsapp link