Managing your Purchase Order number (PO number)

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Managing your PO number in Web1on1 is easy.

Head over to the Plan & Billing page in the configuration menu.

On you Billing details section you can edit / add you PO number. This PO-number will appear on your invoice.

Web1on1 PO number
Important notices.

Our billing cycle covers a full calendar month.

The invoice will be send on the first day of the new calendar month.

It will contain:

  1. the metered services of the past month
  2. the prepaid recurring services (licenses and add-ons) for the upcoming month

If you are on monthly or quarterly PO-rhythms, please make sure you enter the correct PO number before the end of the billing cycle.

Timely entry of your PO-number is your responsibility.
PO Number correction?

Web1on1s billing process is fully automated. If you require us to correct a PO-number on a finalized (send) invoice this will involve human / manual intervention (it involves crediting the send invoice, manually creating the new invoice, communication and dispatch). We feel it is fair to be compensated for that time. We therefore will charge Euro 50,- per occurrence to your next invoice.

Managed PO Number service

You can outsource timely PO number chasing to Web1on1. A Web1on1 Client Success Manager will schedule a periodic reminder, reach out to your team in order to acquire the new PO number and inform our Account Receivable team to process the invoice manually.

This service is available at a monthly cost of Euro 175,-

(Euro 50,- for the manual invoice creation + 60 min CSM at Euro 125,-).

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