Forwarding conversations

Updated 2 weeks ago by Lucas Budding

In the Automotive Messaging Platform it's possible to forward chats to 

  1. Colleagues (using @)
  2. Team inboxes (using /notify)
  3. Partner Organizations (using @)

Click here for the explanation video or read along below.

Forwarding to colleagues

You can forward a chat to a colleague. The colleagues who are online and active for 1 or more team inboxes will be shown first.  

Forwarding to a team inbox

You can also forward a chat to a team inbox. The active team inboxes where users are online will be shown first.

Forwarding to partner organizations

You can forward a chat to a partner organization. When doing so the chat will be handled by the partner organization as a new incoming chat. So the routing rules of that organization will be applied.

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