WhatsApp Business Account Application process

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Step-by-step manual to the application / activation of a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) in Web1on1 Automotive Messaging Platform

Step 1: Pre-requisites:

  1. Your Facebook Business Manager ID.

Get it from your Facebook Business Settings, like so:


ChatShipper get Facebook Business ID
Make sure your are a Facebook Business Admin and logged in.
  1. A Phone Number for WhatsApp Business Account

It can be any phone number that you ´own´. We recommend you to consider using you main business phone number. The advantage of using this phone number is that anyone with this number stored in their contact list reaching out to you will automatically be prompted a WA conversation as a communication option. Effectively deferring calls to messaging.

Step 2: The WABA application form

Head over to Settings > Integrations > Whatsapp Business, click to open.

  1. Provide your Company and Contact data
  2. Enter your Facebook Business Manager ID
  3. Enter desired Phone number to be connected to your WABA

Please provide the number you wish to activate for your official WhatsApp Business Page. This can be any number you wish, provided it is not already in use on WhatsApp. Note, you must be able to receive a pin code via SMS or Voice on this number in order to complete activation

The telephone number in international format (4485 instead of 085 or +44 85).

  1. Name associated to the number

This is the name that's displayed when your message appears in your customers's apps. It cannot be changed or edited later.

  1. Select WABA region

Select the region for your app. Web1on1 is available in the following regions:

  • United States
  • European Union

All Web1on1 Apps and API keys are associated with a single region. User data does not cross between regions. Once WhatsApp Business API has been activated in one region, it cannot be migrated to another region.

  1. Sign Facebook WABA Client terms
  1. Agree to processing by Web1on1
    I agree that any Web1on1 employees working on this request are authorized to access and make changes to your Web1on1 Account or Sub-Account, either as requested by your representatives or as proactively identified by Web1on1 employees as needed to fulfill this request.
  2. Confirm purchase

You are purchasing access services for one (1) WhatsApp number from Web1on1 for use with the AMP

web1on1 is a WhatsApp Accredited Independent Software Vendor

  • Price: Euro 50 One-time fee
  • Billed via Web1on1
  • Effective Date: Immediately

Step 3: Await Facebook Approval

We will reach out to you when Facebook approves your application. This step may take anywhere between 48 hours to 14 days. Web1on1 has no influence on this. So sit back and wait for it.

In the meantime make sure your business is verified by Facebook this is how.

Step 4: Activation step

Once your account request is approved. You will be informed.

After which you can initiate you account activation.

Chatshipper Whatsapp Business API Activation step

In order to activate your new WABA account you will receive an activation number which needs to be validated within 10 minutes.

This can sometimes be tricky in complex Phone IVR systems, where people handling incoming calls need to be made aware of the incoming activation call.

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