A Chatbot career

Updated 2 weeks ago by Joost Rijlaarsdam

Much alike professionals In Real Life; Chatbots in Web1on1 will typically have a career path (be promoted) when they perform well.

Let me explain the typical career of a chatbot.

Step 1: Organisation chatbot

The life of a bot typically starts of as an Organisation bot. Meaning it is created as a one-off bot for 1 Web1on1 Client organisation.

Look at is as a prototype. Of course it will do it job for this organisation diligently, but itś success is not a fact yet. More so we have to discover the variables / setting needed to scale the bot to the next level.


- Web1on1 bot User identity in a Level 2 / 3 organisation

- Bot framework (Like Botmock or Meya.io or BotSociety


- Coded bot (built via Web1on1 SDK)


Is your bot a success? Then consider taking it to the next level. (instead of creating multiple instances of the same bot for multiple organisation, which will ultimately end up in being a management nightmare.

Step 2: Level 1 bot

Has a bot proven its worth to the pilot organisation? Promote it to a level 1 (or MCC) bot.

Where is will be made available for all the MCC organisations. Thus enabling you to serve unlimited Web1on1 organisations with just 1 Chatbot instance.

For this to a happen you bot will have to be upgraded to be able to handle different configurations for different clients.

E.g. Be able to use variables like Company name or Form fields. Or request and store API keys and other secrets.

This bot can either be coded using Web1on1s SDK or create your own using our API.

Step 3: Botstore bot

Want to monetize your bot by making it available for all Web1on1 Users? For this to happen we need to ´harden´ you Chatbot by adding capabilities like:

  • Error detection
  • Rate limiting
  • Heartbeat
  • Escalation or (bot-to-human handover).
  • Configuration options (e.g. storing api key, variables)

Don worry we will support you and guide you through that process once that becomes relevant.

Finally you set the price for your bot. (e.g. price per activation, price per result). And Web1on1 will take care of invoicing and payouts.

So you can focus on what really matters, creating more successful, high performing bots.

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