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What type of information is being sent to Google Analytics?

We would like to explain to you how the results from chat conversations can be made visible in your Google Analytics environment.

Chat conversations are classified on 2 levels

  1. Buyer's Journey → Example: Used Car
  2. Result ---> Example: Test drive

After obtaining a result, the following information is sent to Google Analytics

  • Event category = Chat result (fixed value)
  • Event Action = <Buyers Journey>
  • Event Label = <result>

With a chat conversation about a used car that results in a test drive, the following is sent to Google Analytics:

  • Event category = Chat result
  • Event Promotion = Used
  • Event label = Test drive

At the end of this document, you will find an overview of all the different Buyers Journey’s and associated results.

Where can I find these results in my Google Analytics?

Below you will find a number of screenshots on how this information can be viewed in Google Analytics

Example Google Analytics Event category: Chat result

Example Google Analytics Event Actions: Buyer's Journey’s
Example Google Analytics Event label: Results
Create your own distribution based on segments

By adding segments you can  make your own selections and group certain Buyers Journey's and results.

(For advanced users) More events

The previous events explained are all the standard events sent to Google Analytics Web1on1 support.

However, there is more advanced configuration described in our Developers documentation

Please note that Web1on1 will not support further with advanced events - or Expert support can be ordered in the Plans & Billing section, please contact us first to define how much time is required (

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