Changes to Facebook Messenger concerning EU Policies - Dec. 2020

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As part of their continuing efforts to comply with new privacy rules in Europe, Facebook will be making updates to the Messenger platform that will have an impact our Messenger integration and any developers’ app using the Messenger API.What’s changing?Beginning December 16, 2020, several Messenger API features will no longer be available for businesses in Europe and for people in Europe who connect with businesses globally.

This means that pages with either a European location or end-users located in Europe will be impacted.In particular, our support for the following features will be impacted:

  • Sending and receiving media attachments (files, audio and video) - Image attachments will not be impacted
  • Sending Facebook templates to end-users using the Facebook web client (templates sent to Android and iOS end-user will not be impacted)
  • Sending buttons to end-users using the Facebook web client (templates sent to Android and iOS end-user will not be impacted)
  • Sending typing indicators to end-users
  • Receiving channel delivery events
  • Sending and receiving message read events
  • Sending an integration menu (persistent menu)
  • Receiving referral events, excluding “Get Started” and “” URLs
  • Receiving user profile information (id, gender, timezone, locale, profile picture). First and last name will still be made available.

What this means for you: Facebook has informed us of these changes so that we can start working on minimizing the impact that they will have on you and your customers. As such we have been working hard at implementing fallback logic (fall back to text) wherever possible and surfacing an error if fallback is not possible. We are aiming to have these changes ready by December 16th and will communicate more details as soon as possible.

Just so you know, the aim from Facebook is to bring these features back as soon as possible wherever possible. As such, we will pass along any updates on their progress as soon as we can.Thank you for being a valued customer.

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