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Question: Can push articles be used for suggesting replies / messages?


The article push (aka Proactive Aiding system) feature is an implementation of the following design goals:

  • keep the backchannel clean by enabling more granular surfacing of articles;
  • recommended: one event, trigger one article;
  • trigger on conversation join, category select, form added, tag added, result send (not on fields)

It is optimised for step-by-step instructions, for the steps leading up to filling the form, one instruction at a time:

  1. join conversation -> surface article "Informal style for this customer"
  2. select category "Selling" -> surface article "Attention points when selling a house"
  3. select form "Put in a bid" -> surface article "Instructions for the bidding form"
  4. (...slot-filling bot kicks in to further guide agents field-by-field)

The article push feature was never designed to spoon-feed literal answers to agents after selecting a form; that function is better served by a slot-filling bot (agent-assist or direct-to-consumer).

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