Conversation sharing - collaborative messaging between organisations

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Web1on1 facilitates a nifty method for different organisations to collaborate and or to share conversations.

The use case for this would be:

A Car Brand wanting to allow it´s dealer organisations to access specific conversations of that Brand.

This is how that works.

From the user perspective

A user trying to access an (initially) unauthorized conversation can request partner access:

He/she will receive an inbox notification for the conversation after approval:

From the sharing organisations perspective

Pending partner requests can be seen as “pending in partner list:

A bot will notify a specified channel where assigned user can pick up the conversation.

After clicking ‘Approve’, the partner is added to the originating organization (and the user inbox notified):

In addition, Admin users can always fetch a list of all pending partner requests by starting a conversation with the bot. Go to the Bot directory, find the “Partner Request” bot and click the chat icon:

This will start a new conversation with the bot, and it will provide you with a full listing:

Simply click one of the Approve buttons to add the requesting partner to an organization.

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