3- Inviting & managing users

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After set up your team inboxes, the next step is to invite your team to join your organization.

Creating a new user

Via Configuration > Users

Web1on1 AMP - Adding a user

A popup open allowing you to add the credentials for the new user.

  1. User Avatar: Please upload a profile picture (invited user can do this themselves later)
  2. Screen Name: may differ from real name (for marketing reasons) - In the case that account is used to chat, this name will be visible by visitors
  3. Choose role: see user roles explained
  4. Email: new user will receive a confirmation email
  5. Mobile: Adding the users mobile phone number is recommended, especially when notifications need to be delivered
  6. Inbox: Assign the relevant inbox for the user to receive incoming conversations (by default Chat & Tasks)
After creation, a confirmation email will be sent to the user. New users are invited to click on the link and choose their own password.

You can follow the status in the column "State" of the Users page (if you don't see users, change the filter to "All")

Archiving Users

Want to remove a user?

User the action icon to archive your co-worker.

Web1on1 Archiving Users Archive user
Users can be restored for 30 days only, with the same button (if you don't see users, change the filter to "All")
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