2- Configuring team inboxes

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Once the desired channels are configured, configuring your inboxes is necessary to receive conversations.

This works in the same way as your email team inbox work, you can configure one of several team inboxes to fit your team needs. Then, for each new user invited, you can add them to one or several inboxes previously configured in your organization.

To help you start, we created 2 standard inboxes in your organization

  1. Chat - Your main inbox, configured as standard to receive all your channels incoming conversations
  2. Tasks - A secondary inbox that allows more advanced conversations flows
Besides team inbox(es), users also have a personal inbox 📥, to receive conversations specifically shared with them (by other colleagues, or automatically by chatbots)

2- Advanced settings (for experienced users)

Creating a new inbox

First, in the tab "Organizations", select your organization and click on "Inbox"

To create a new inbox, click the + sign at the right bottom.

Adding users to inboxes

You can choose which users have access to the inbox by choosing them from the list. By holding the left CONTROL/COMMAND button you can choose more users. Just click on the ‘“ “move right” button to move them to the inbox.

Removing users from an inbox

By doing the opposite (Choosing users and push the click “move left” button) you can remove users from an inbox.

Routing capabilities

An inbox is defined by the capacity to receive conversations, and we call "routing" the configuration of that flow. In the section "Routing", advanced users can configure the flow of existing or new inboxes (more info: Set up Routing rules)

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