I can't login/read conversations. What to do?

Updated 3 months ago by Lucas Budding

Probably the reason is that conversations are only readable after login (due to protection of personal data). We build a self registration process for this.

How does self registration work?

When you click on an url to read a conversation, the login page of Web1on1 appears:

There are 2 scenarios:

  1. Existing user (already registered employee)

Can login directly

  1. Self registration new user

New users need to register themselves with their company email. A check will take place on the registered company domain. For example: User is registering with: jim.jansen@dealerx.com, system check: domain dealerx.com registered? If yes, send an email activation link and allow access.

After login a cookie will be stored on the local computer of the user, making it possible to access Web1on1 from that computer with the previous used login for the next month.

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