7- Guided tour (for Agents)

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Now that your organization is configured, and you know the basics of the admin role, it's time to learn more about the tool as a user.

We prepared a series of video training dedicated to users (from basic to expert).

To start, select Help > Start guided tour

Learning content

Basic tour:
  • Accepting incoming conversations
  • The different statuses of conversations
  • Editing contact fields
  • Creating a result
  • Configuring your personal preferences
  • Starting conversations with a new contact
  • Sending and receiving Photo's, Video's and Documents
  • Searching for contacts & conversations
  • Forwarding a conversation to a colleague or department
  • Team chat
  • Ask a colleague to join the conversation
  • Following contacts & conversations
  • Creating & using canned responses
  • Liking and commenting results

Advanced - for Sales advisors:

  • Using WhatsApp for business instead of Private WhatsApp
  • Incoming chat - WhatsApp button Website
  • Incoming chat - Hot lead forwarded by colleague
  • Showing car to consumer using Videomeet
  • Sales Advisors - Sending files to consumer
  • Follow up calls & Happy Calls via WhatsApp

Advanced - for Service advisors (After-Sales):

  • Introduction Web1on1 Aftersales
  • Making contact with client
  • Status update - Extra work found
  • Status update - Car not ready
  • Status update - Car is ready
  • Status update - Sending payment link

Stop & continue later
You can re-open the guided tour at anytime (Help > Start guided tour) and then use the right panel to select any video

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